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The Perfect Storm

That's what it will take for Sioux Falls Storm to lose its first game of the season this Saturday... a perfect storm of circumstances. Sioux Falls coming off their bye week with the blahs.  Tri-Cities playing their best game of the season.  Storm quarterback Chris Dixon literally not showing up. Won't happen. Dixon and his 77% completions...
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Gift of Sight

I have new eyes.  They were a gift.  Literally.  Someone died and donated their corneas and now I have them and now I can see. Last weekend, I spoke at the Donor Tribute for the South Dakota Lions Eye and Tissue Bank.  The event brings together donor families and transplant recipients.  Packs of Kleenex are provided at each table.  There...
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Danger! Storm!

The Sioux Falls Storm is back home this Saturday night taking on the Nebraska Danger… we have it LIVE at seven o’clock on Midco Sports Network, AND streaming live right here on this very website. Nebraska is 2-and-4. The Danger has a good quarterback in Rocky Hinds and some really good receivers from the Sunshine State in Corey Surrency...
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Football Class Warfare

I spent Sunday in Fargo at a JO volleyball tournament and got to talking to some North Dakota guys.  They think South Dakota is insane for having so many classes of high school sports... basketball and football, in particular. I had to agree and I have laid out some numbers on how similar-sized states like North Dakota and Montana and Alaska do...
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Daaaaaa Slaughter

The Sioux Falls Storm takes on the Chicago Slaughter this Sunday. The game will be LIVE on Midco Sports Network at 4:00. Chicago is coached by former Chicago Bear, Steve McMichael.  Jim McMahon has been a co-owner of the team since February 2010.  (The team was named to honor the meat packers and other blue collar workers in the Windy...
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I do not like Gary Munsen

I am from Huron.  When it comes to high school sports Huron does not like Mitchell.  Mitchell does not like Huron. Gary Munsen is the boys basketball coach at Mitchell.   I do not like Gary Munsen.   I love the guy. I did not like him in the least almost 30 years ago when his Kernals beat us every friggin time we played them on their way to...
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