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Survey Says...???

I just completed the SDHSAA State Events Survey.  Very interesting. It is on the Activities Association website ( and will be there through the end of May. The survey “seeks to understand your opinion on the South Dakota high school tournaments and events.” As Mick Garry reported...
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Plan B

"Don't know what you got 'til it's gone." - Cinderella (the hair band) "Make the most of every opportunity." - The Bible Well, our girl SDSU did not make the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament this year. She got bounced in the semis of the Summit League tournament... by her biggest rival, no less... which made it hurt even more. So after 5...
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Summit League ( ) of the Year Awards

I hate “If the season ended today” scenarios because they are dumb… so I’m just going to call this the Season So Far Awards. We are just over three weeks away from the tip of the Summit League tournament… each team has 5 or 6 games left in the regular season… but we’ve got a pretty good idea of who’s got what. The league will name 5 “of the...
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Summit MBB (OK, Denver IS pretty good)

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right?  But often, the second look is the most (or at least more) accurate. I saw Denver play at South Dakota in the Summit League opener.  USD won 59-54.  Denver was not awful, but they were...... just there.  Brett Olson made some shots and had 22, but nobody else left an impression......
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Stig's Office

We would knock politely and then just walk right in.  He always says it is not really his office.  It belongs to all of us.  (First indication of the We before the I.) Nice office, though... floor to ceiling windows on two sides with the sun pouring in and a full view of the football stadium. Big bookcase on one wall... coaching, philosophy,...
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Bold Predictions Fulfilled Or Not

The SDSU football team beat Indiana State 29-0.  My pre-game predictions are below.  Actual results did vary. Prediction --- For just the second time this season, the Jacks will run and pass for more than 200 yards. (The only other game SDSU has gone for 200/200 was at Nebraska.) Result --- Close.  Jacks ran for 175 and passed for...
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