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Winner wins SD Class 11B Title

Purist football fans got what they paid for at the class 11B state championship game, which featured two traditional double wing, very run-heavy, and very hard-hitting teams. That didn't mean that the Winner Warriors, who last visited Vermillion for a state title game in 2009, and the Tri-Valley Mustangs, who came into the game as the class 11B...
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Deubrook wins SD 9AA Title

Entering this class 9AA championship tilt, the Deurbook Dolphins had survived two close calls in the playoffs, and still managed to possess a perfect 11-0 record heading into Vermillion. A large part of that was their speedy running back Ryan Knutson, who in those 11 games racked up 2175 yards and 38 touchdowns. Turns out he was only getting...
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Canistota Wins SD 9A Title

Much like the last two years, the Canistota Hawks set foot in the Dakota Dome with an undefeated record, to play for a state championship against an undefeated opponent. In those two games, the Hawks had rolled over Hitchcock-Tulare (2010, 66-0 final) and Wall (2011, 66-6 final), so would the fate be any different for the Warner Monarchs this time...
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North Dakota Championship Previews

Bismarck vs. Century Friday 6:30 pm Bismarck Coach Mark Gibson "It was the best thing for these kids to be in a game like this, we were a different team in the second half and many of these kids haven't even played in the second half many of our later games.  Our kids showed character and fight which is always a good sign and they never...
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South Dakota Championship Previews

Class 9B Colome vs. Harding County | Thursday 7:30pm  Colome: Coach Kevin Keiser The line averages 276 pounds  and have played great this year. QB) Terrance Kinzer499 yds pass 8TD,  1420yds rushing 27 TDs RB) Andrew Odden RB , 1281 14 TDs Harding County:  Coach Jay Wammen Harding County has team balance on both sides of the...
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South Dakota 9-Man Football Semi-Final previews

9-Man Previews 9AA Howard at Clark/Willow Lake 6:00 Howard has been the road warriors winning two straight on the road in the playoffs. They make their third straight road trip to Clark this week. Levi Loudenberg has been outstanding in the running game going over 200 yards the last two weeks in a row. Clark/Willow Lake features big play...
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