Elaina Lanson

Coach Hendo Offseason Recruiting

Elaina Lanson sits down with Coach Eric Henderson about how he was able to foster close relationships with the players before their time at SDSU, and how that trusting relationship has created team unity.
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Podcast: Hana Metoxen

Elaina Lanson talked with Augustana women basketball's Hana Metoxen on her engagement, process of getting married in-season, and how she’s able to share these special memories with her teammates.
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Augie Football: Be the Rock

"Be the Rock." It's the mantra of the Augustana Vikings football team, which – combined with hard work – has had a hand in propelling them to a winning start this season. MidcoSN's Elaina Lanson interviewed Drew Reinschmidt and Alec Blonquist to get their take on the meaning, and how holding each other accountable has led the team to early success.

Overcoming Midseason Injury

Former D-I athletes Elaina Lanson and Kelly Stewart talk about what it's like to be sidelined during the season, what mental obstacles they overcame, and what it's like to bounce back in this MidcoSN podcast.
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Getting Noticed – How to Take Advantage of Off-Season

Elaina Lanson runs through a Q&A with Sanford Power Basketball Director Patrick Coughlin about what high school players who dream of making it to the collegiate level can do to improve their chances of getting noticed by potential schools.
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Specializing in Sports

Specializing in sports has been a common theme with many athletes. Does it really improve the chances of playing in college? MidcoSN's Elaina Lanson and Jason Andera discuss the pros and cons around this hot topic.
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