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Coyote Corner: UNI Preview

Alex Heinert and Jay Elsen break down the Coyotes' Dakota Days matchup this Saturday against the Pathers of Northern Iowa.

FIFA World Cup Preview 2014

The wait is nearly over, planet Earth! The 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup begins in just a few short hours, so if you need a crash course on each team before you submit an inter-office bracket or just want a quick overview on who and what to watch for, you've come to the right place. For a more extended preview, check out this video blog...
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South Dakota High School State Track Meet Preview

The South Dakota High School Track and Field Championships are taking place this weekend in Madison and Sioux Falls, with hundreds of athletes coming together to definitively prove who's the best on the state's biggest stage. There will be no shortage of great performances to watch at all three sites on both days, so here's a quick run-down on...
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North Dakota High School State Track Meet Preview

This Friday and Saturday, the eyes of North Dakota will be on the Bismarck Community Bowl for the 111th running of the North Dakota High School State Track and Field Meet. The boys event started way back in 1903, while the first girls state meet was in 1966, and there have been no shortage of great performances and exciting finishes over the...
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Howard Wood Dakota Relays: Weekend In Review

Outside of the respective North and South Dakota state meets, there simply isn't a better showcase of track and field talent in this area than the Howard Wood Dakota Relays. It's an event that's taken place in Sioux Falls (nearly) every spring since 1923, and the scope of it as a premier competition has only grown over the years. This past...
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High School Track and Field Preview 2014: Athletes to Watch

Let's be honest: not every sports fan extends their support and excitement to track and field. It’s one of those sports that tends to divide opinions. You either love it...or you want nothing to do with it. (As I've enthusiastically volunteered to cover track for MidcoSN this spring, I think you can venture a guess as to what camp I'm in.) If...
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