MidcoSN Podcast: Presidents Bowl Preview

This week we hear from all the Sioux Falls High School football coaches and break down the Presidents Bowl matchups. We also give you an overview of the games we'll be shooting highlights at for Varsity Sports Live this Friday night.
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MidcoSN Podcast: USD Football Outlook

The University of South Dakota football team has a lot of questions and a lot of answers. Find out those answers in this podcast with Jason Andera and Jay Elsen.
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MidcoSN Podcast: NSIC football preview

The host of the Northern Sun Experience, David Brown, joins the podcast today to talk NSIC football. He let's us know his thoughts on the top teams in the conference as well as who could emerge from the middle of the pack and his dark horse team to watch.
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MidcoSN Podcast: ND HS Football Preview

Find out who's number one in Andera's pre-season power rankings in ND Class AAA. Plus get some insight on the starting QBs in the class and hear from West Fargo head coach Jay Gibson.
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MidcoSN Podcast: UND Football Preview

The UND Fighting Hawks are primed and ready for a new football season. Alex Heinert gives his insight into the upcoming season.
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MidcoSN Podcast: Augustana Football Preview

Carla Metts stops by the podcast to fill us in on the upcoming Augustana University football season. Plus, Head Coach Jerry Olszewski gives us a sense of the team's mindset after last season's abrupt playoff loss and why they are poised to go even further this year.
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