2019 ND HS Football Preview: 9-Man

The 2019 North Dakota high school football season kicks off this week and we’re guaranteed a new state champion in 9-man. MidcoSN’s Jody Norstedt shares who he feels will contend for the state title this year and lists his players to watch!
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Preview of Sheyenne vs Bismarck Season Opener

The 2019 high school football season has arrived, and we’re thrilled to be televising games every Friday night throughout the regular season in North and South Dakota. Our opening game should be particularly exciting, because it features reigning EDC champion West Fargo Sheyenne travelling to the defending Class 3A state champs from Bismarck High....
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Getting Noticed – How to Take Advantage of Off-Season

Elaina Lanson runs through a Q&A with Sanford Power Basketball Director Patrick Coughlin about what high school players who dream of making it to the collegiate level can do to improve their chances of getting noticed by potential schools.
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Specializing in Sports

Specializing in sports has been a common theme with many athletes. Does it really improve the chances of playing in college? MidcoSN's Elaina Lanson and Jason Andera discuss the pros and cons around this hot topic.
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A Salute to Summertime Softball

This past week we aired two charity softball events – the Carson Wentz AO1 Charity Softball Game and the 44th Annual Sam McQuade Sr. Charity Softball Tournament. Both events were a smashing success thanks to the entertainingly fun game of softball.
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The Parenting Game – Part Two

Well, well, well…you came back to read more about my successes and hilarious pitfalls of adjusting to life as a parent. But, I must tell you, my son’s sleep schedule is quite errant. You see, my wife and I are sleep deprived. I’m sure once he reaches three or four years old we’ll feel revived. I’m excited to be living life again at full throttle,...
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