Jordan on Jordan: Episode 5

“Winning has a price and leadership has a price.” – Michael Jordan.

While it may be cliché to say there’s a "method behind the madness" or that Michael Jordan is just "built differently," episodes seven and eight of “The Last Dance” get to the heart of why MJ is the way he is.

It was raw, real and emotional. It provided a benchmark moment for a series that’s already featured so many incredible stories!

In episode five of the Jordan On Jordan podcast, Midco Sports Network’s David Brown and basketball analyst Jordan Dalton discuss Michael Jordan’s drive, why MJ’s brief foray into baseball has benefitted from hindsight and what they’re looking forward to as the series wraps up next week.

Episode Highlights

0:28 – David Brown and Jordan Dalton break down the most critical part of the documentary so far: the end of episode seven where Michael Jordan explains his process. It encapsulates a variety of emotions and stands out as one of the most memorable moments of “The Last Dance.”

7:29 – How Steve Kerr and Scott Burrell are examples of MJ’s process paying dividends.

9:28 – David and Jordan discuss how opinions of Michael Jordan don’t have to be all or nothing.

12:40 – How historical perspective has put Michael Jordan’s minor league baseball career in a much more positive light.

14:23 – The genius behind MJ inviting players to work out with him while he was filming Space Jam.

17:01 – David and Jordan discuss the funniest moments of episodes seven and eight.

19:15 – How the passing of Michael Jordan’s father impacted the next several years of MJ’s life.

26:29 – The best quotes of episodes seven and eight.

29:29 – David and Jordan debate the MVP of Sunday night.

31:31 – While there’s different choices for MVP, David and Jordan agree on the LVP (least valuable player).

32:35 – How Scottie Pippen, despite playing well during Michael Jordan’s first retirement, still couldn’t escape MJ’s shadow.

37:53 – David shares a personal story about his life during the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals between the Bulls and Pacers

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