Jordan On Jordan: Episode 4

We are now past the halfway point of “The Last Dance,” ESPN’s 10-part documentary series on Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls. Episodes five and six aired on Sunday night and, for the first time, showcased just how much of a fishbowl MJ operated in.

With questions surrounding his gambling, his endorsements and his apolitical nature, along with the pressures of keeping the Bulls on top of the basketball world, you can start to see the fatigue that Michael Jordan was feeling.

In episode four of the Jordan On Jordan podcast, Midco Sports Network’s David Brown and basketball analyst Jordan Dalton examine all the pressures that MJ dealt with from 1991-1993. They also discuss MJ’s role in society at the height of his powers and how that impacted his cultural standing.

Episode Highlights

3:11 – David and Jordan discuss the relationship between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and how the first minutes of episode five showed how greatness recognized greatness.

9:52 – Breaking down the funniest moments of Sunday’s episodes including Magic Johnson’s ill-timed trash talk and a security guard winning a bet with MJ.

15:51 – An analysis of Michael Jordan’s gambling and if the scrutiny about his gambling habits  was justified.

22:32 – An in-depth discussion between David and Jordan on Michael Jordan’s decision not to publicly endorse Harvey Gantt, a North Carolina politician running for the U.S. Senate in 1990.

33:20 – David and Jordan explain MJ’s rise to becoming a global icon and how the very image and standard that he set ultimately became his biggest nemesis.

38:25 – How Michael Jordan’s willingness to expose his flaws in this documentary actually makes him more likeable.

43:20 – The podcast wraps up with a breakdown of how MJ would use any perceived slight as fuel and motivation.

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