Jordan on Jordan: Episode 3

It was appointment viewing yet again on Sunday night as episodes three and four of the 10-part docuseries “The Last Dance” were aired on ESPN. We’re not even halfway through the saga chronicling Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls and there’s already more subplots, supporting characters and turmoil than any classic drama.

These episodes focused mainly on the enigmatic Dennis Rodman as well as the man who kept it all together, head coach Phil Jackson. For as much as Michael Jordan is revered, the players and coaches around him all add up to the rich story of why this team was so successful.

In episode three of the Jordan On Jordan podcast, Midco Sports Network’s David Brown and basketball analyst Jordan Dalton dissect what aired on Sunday night, highlighting the nuances of Rodman and Jackson and how managing personalities was almost as important as the managing the team on the floor.

Episode Highlights

0:43 – David Brown and Jordan Dalton offer their initial thoughts on episodes three and four of “The Last Dance,” including how the Bulls’ struggle to overcome the Detroit Pistons in the playoffs made them a more likeable.

2:58 – A discussion on Dennis Rodman and how the film really showcased his basketball intelligence.

8:47 – David and Jordan analyze the many sides of Rodman, including why his party habits and midseason vacation to Las Vegas ultimately didn’t matter to Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen or Phil Jackson.

16:17 – An analysis of Michael Jordan’s emotions after the Bulls won their first title over the Los Angeles Lakers and how that played a huge role in lifting the rest of his teammates up.

20:39 – David and Jordan share some laughs over the best quotes of episodes three and four!

23:46 – Who was the MVP of episodes three and four? David and Jordan each have different answers.

26:11 – A big "what if?" question: do the Bulls still attain their level of success if Doug Collins isn’t fired as head coach and replaced with Phil Jackson?

30:03 – The least valuable player of these episodes is former Pistons guard Isiah Thomas. David and Jordan discuss the infamous ‘walkoff’ and how Thomas continues to rub MJ the wrong way.

35:17 – David shares a personal story of seeing Michael Jordan and the Bulls play in person against the Minnesota Timberwolves on December 30, 1997 (the season covered by “The Last Dance”) and how he wishes the documentary would’ve addressed what happened in that game. He wrote a blog about that game last year. (

37:22 – David and Jordan discuss how episode four ends with Jerry Krause providing another quote that riles up MJ and the Chicago Bulls.

39:55 – What are David and Jordan looking forward to seeing in episodes five and six?