StemeNiemaDosch Talk Summit Hoops: Ep 3

Covering college basketball like only a conservative former coach, an aging current broadcaster and an opinionated former player can. The StemeNiemaDosch Hoops Podcast brings you smart talk, reasonable debate and national and local guests from the Summit League to the Power Five.

Greg Stemen, Tom Nieman and Zach Dosch follow up (again!) on the national debate on whether college athletes should have the ability to get paid for the use of their name, image and likeness. TheNCAA says they will actually look into allowing it to happen. Dosch is happy, while Stemen is sticking by his stance that this is lip service from the NCAA.

Then, teams in The Summit League are starting exhibition and pre-conference games, and the competition runs the gamut from downtrodden D-IIIs to D-I national championship contenders. What can our Summit League teams possibly get and gain from some of these games?

Plus, everybody's got transfer players, but which Summit teams will reap the biggest benefits from their new blood? And will be this be a "down" year for Summit League basketball just because a few stars have graduated or moved on? Our guys are thinking it's going to be a pretty high level, well-balanced year.

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