StemeNiemaDosch Talk Summit Hoops: Ep 2

Covering college basketball like only a conservative former coach, an aging current broadcaster and an opinionated former player can. The StemeNiemaDosch Hoops Podcast brings you smart talk, reasonable debate and national and local guests from the Summit League to the Power Five.

In Episode 2 of the StemeNiemaDosch Hoops Podcast, Greg Stemen, Tom Nieman and Zach Dosch follow up on the national debate on whether college athletes should have the ability to get paid for the use of their name, image and likeness. National basketball writer Mike Decourcy joins the conversation, as well.

Then, can a Division III program really make the leap straight to Division I? The University of St. Thomas has been booted from its conference home, the MIAC, and The Summit League is hoping to snatch the Tommies. Dosch and Stemen weigh in on the possibility of a Twin Cities school joining the Summit.

And, are North Dakota State and the University of South Dakota really the teams to beat in Summit League men’s basketball this season? USD and SDSU on the women’s side? Stemen and Dosch have opinions, and they are not afraid to share.


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