Use the Other Half of Your Brain – with Jason Andera

We go deep into 40% of the mind of Midco Sports Network high school guru Jason Andera, and talk about baseball, hypnosis, cold showers, sprint triathlons, sound bite translators and the stigmas of sports betting.

  • Bishop O’Gorman High School just won the South Dakota Class A state baseball championship. Here's why the Knights ruled the day.
  • Jason coaches high school girls in softball and claims that his team, the Gators, is drama-free.
  • Is hypnosis weird or wonderful (or both)? Can it help us release the 60% of our brain that we don’t use?
  • Why does Jason take cold showers and run around in the winter without a coat? Because Wim Hoff told him he could.
  • Jason and Tom have thrown around a lot of brilliant ideas that have not yet made it into the mainstream of Midco Sports Network – a sound bite translator, one-man game productions and high school fantasy football.
  • And is sports gambling taking over the country? How laying down a bet makes a lot of fans pay closer attention to the action.


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