MVFC Preseason Ballot

Cheer up, folks. It's almost football season.

That reality just set in for me as I submitted my ballot for MVFC Preseason Awards.

The value of such a thing is pretty minimal. In fact, if you called it silly I wouldn't necessarily argue with you. Nevertheless, it's a process that I am flattered to be part of and a responsibility that I take very seriously. I'm not sure whether my fellow voters feel the same way or not, but that's the way I approach it. 

In terms of how we go about fillilng out our ballots, each of us certainly has our own method although that may change based on whether we are voting for preseason or postseason awards. Personally, I find the former to be much more difficult than the latter simply because there's so much that is unknown in the month of July.

In all honestly, that lack of knowledge sometimes forces you to flat out guess. They are thoughtful, experienced-based guesses, mind you, but they're still guesses.

Occassionally, it also means picking the guy from the team you cover over a player with similar ability from another team. Is that the best way to vote? Maybe not. But in a toss up scenario I always side with my eyes. I'm comfortable with that because knowledge doesn't equal bias. 

So, without further delay, here is is my 2018 MVFC Preseason Ballot:

1. North Dakota State
2. South Dakota State
3. South Dakota
4. Illinois State
5. Youngstown State
6. Northern Iowa
7. Western Illinois
8. Missouri State
9. Southern Illinois
10. Indiana State


QB - Easton Stick NDSU
RB - Tevin McCaster YSU
RB - Marcus Weymiller UNI
FB - Luke Sellers SDSU
WR - Shamar Jackson USD
WR - Darrell James SIU
WR - Darrius Shepherd NDSU
TE - Tyler Petkovich ILS
OL - Vitas Hrynkiewicz YSU
OL - Tanner Volson NDSU
OL - Zack Johnson NDSU
OL - Jared Rients ILS
OL - Cal Twait UNI
LS - Steven Wethli YSU
PK - Chase Vinatieri SDSU


DL - Darin Greenfield USD
DL - Greg Menard NDSU
DL - Khalen Saunders WIU
DL - Rickey Neal UNI
LB - Christian Rozeboom SDSU
LB - Jonas Griffith ISU
LB - Armand Dellovade YSU
LB - Jabril Cox NDSU
DB - Jordan Brown SDSU
DB - Justin Fitzpatrick WIU
DB - Jeremy Chinn SIU
DB - Robbie Grimsley NDSU
DB - Andrew Gray USD
P - Lane Reazin SIU
RS - Cade Johnson SDSU
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