Greg's Best Guess - Vol. 1 Issue 3

We're through 8 NFL playoff games and I've managed to nail half of them. True to form, I managed a 2-2 record last week (Thank you, Minneapolis Miracle!) and I feel I have a pretty good handle on how the Conference Championships will shake out. We'll see how I'm feeling on Monday. Read on, please.

AFC Championship

Jacksonville at New England

Prediction: New England 27-21

Greg's Take: The average score of the last 3 playoff games at Foxborough is Patriots 35-16, so the fact I'm calling this one as close as I am says something about this Jaguars team. But the reality is, this is Tom Brady's house - a place New England is 18-3 during the month of January over Brady's career. The Jags will come in loose and keep it close, but in the end, the difference will be Rob Gronkowski. Jacksonville hasn't faced a Tight End of his caliber in the postseason, and the end result will be too much as the Pats return to the Super Bowl.


NFC Championship

Minnesota at Philadelphia

Prediction: Minnesota 24-23

Greg's Take: The difference here is going to be which team can get 6 points via the TD versus settling for 3 on a field goal. I think there's at least one more drive that will favor Minnesota in that department and that's why I'm going with the Vikings. The Vikes have a much better defense against the pass, and combo that with the pass rush, and I think Nick Foles is going to struggle to keep the Eagles offense on the field - especially in the red zone. Alas, we finally get to experience a team playing the Super Bowl in its own stadium.