MidcoSN Podcast: Top 9 players in SD 9-Man Football

Nine-man football might have the smallest schools but they have some big-time players. Find out the nine players in nine-man football who will make the biggest impact this season. Jason Andera also gives a pre-season list of his top five nine-man football teams.  


Top Impact players in 9-man football

9. Jayd VanDerWerff, GREGORY

8. Kale Stieg, HAMLIN

7. Jesse Kreutzfeldt, CHESTER 

6. Chance Olson, LANFORD AREA 

5. Darian Ogunjemelusi,  WOLSEY-WESSINGTON 

4. Xavier Ward, CANISTOTA 

3. Sam Podzimek, HARDING COUNTY 

2. Chase Kortan, BON HOMME

1. Lincoln Gibbs, LANGFORD AREA


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