HS Baseball Power Rankings


MidcoSN Power Rankings

as of April 20, 2016.

South Dakota Class A

Lincoln remains the only unbeaten team in South Dakota Class A. I looked at SF O'Gorman, SF Roosevelt and Brandon Valley for this week's rankings but they remain just outside the top five.


  1. Lincoln                                9-0

  2. Pierre                                  7-1

  3. Brookings                           7-1

  4. Mitchell                              10-2

  5. Aberdeen                            4-2


 In Class B St. Thomas More stays at number one. They face off with #4 Winner/Colome on Sunday for a top five battle. This class was the toughest to cap at five teams. Garretson moves into the top five with just one loss and a quality win over Sioux Falls Christian. But Lennox, West Central, Madison and Sioux Falls Christian all remain in striking distance of the top five.

SD Class B

  1. St. Thomas More              6-1

  2. Dell Rapids                         5-1

  3. Bon Homme/Scotland    3-0

  4. Winner/Colome                6-0

  5. Garretson                           4-1


ND Class A 

In North Dakota's biggest class, West Fargo moves to number one. This was a tough decision because every team has at least two losses in state, this is as wide open of a year in baseball as I can remember. The WDA features a lot of quality coming in at two, three and four and I also considered Williston and Minot from the west but they stand just outside the top group. In the east after West Fargo, I looked at Fargo North, Sheyenne, Davies and Red River but North seems like they're playing their best ball right now after a 1-3 start.


  1. West Fargo                        7-3

  2. Bismarck                             5-3

  3. Dickinson                            5-3

  4. Century                               7-4

  5. Fargo North                       5-4

ND Class B

 I kept Beualh at number one despite a loss on Tuesday to Shiloh Christian. The Miners have the most quality wins in the class. Thompson is still unbeaten and right on Beulah's tail, if the Tommies keep rolling they'll be in line to move up. The number five spot I could have went a number of different directions but went with Shiloh Christian because of the quality of their wins despite five losses already.


  1. Beulah                                 7-1

  2. Thompson                          4-0

  3. Carrington                          3-1

  4. Park River                           2-1  

  5. Shiloh Christian                 7-5

Softball Class A

 After the dust settled on the West Fargo Invite, two teams remain unbeaten. West Fargo and Dickinson look like the cream of the crop. However Valley City, Shanley and Century are all playing well too. West Fargo makes their annual trip to the Polar Classic in North St. Paul to see if they can stay undefeated.


  1. West Fargo                        8-0

  2. Dickinson                            7-0

  3. Valley City                          6-1

  4. Shanley/OG/PC                 6-1

  5. Century                               11-2

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