Q&A With David Herbster

In the wake of Tuesday's Summit League Tournament loss to South Dakota State, South Dakota athletic director David Herbster shed some light on the postseason process, and the possibilities for both Coyote basketball teams. 

Q: What do you know, as of now, about the WNIT bid?

A: They don't make the formal announcement until after the NCAA Selection Show, which is Monday [evening]. A few years ago, when we made the WNIT, I didn't hear anything until about 10 p.m. We're in. That much you do know. But you're not going to know when or where you're going to play until Monday. 

Q: How do you feel about your chances of hosting that first round game?

A: We submitted a very competitive bid. 

Q: What does competitive mean?

A: I think it's a minimum $6500 bid. It's different than the football playoffs where people are just buying those things. You're not buying these in the WNIT. It's going to come down to a couple things. It's going come down to proximity. It's going to come down to facility availability. And it's going to come down to timing. 

Q: We had heard there was a chance that, if you do host, the game would be played at the Sanford Pentagon. Is that the case?

A: No, we'd be at the Dome. There was one or two dates in there that, if they were on those dates, we might have to leave the Dome, but everything we put everything in for the Dome.

Q: Have you heard anything about the men getting an invite to the CBI or the CIT?

A: No. We won't hear anything, more than likely, until after this weekend's tournaments are done. That's the frustrating thing because right now we're on spring break, so do you keep the guys here or do you send them home? If you did anything, you wouldn't be playing until next week sometime. That's the tough part right now is you're trying to pressure these guys into telling you and, of course, they're not telling you anything. I need to know. You don't want to keep them here for three or four extra days and all of the sudden not get a bid, and then you've just taken your spring break away from them. 

Q: Is there a bidding process involved with those tournaments, too? 

A: Yeah, it is. Same type of deal, both the CBI and the CIT. You put in a bid for those things. It's based on seed, based on proximity, and based on facility availability.