"struggling" teams showcase strength of nchc

It's been a difficult road to travel so far this season for Western Michigan and Colorado College in the NCHC. Sitting at the bottom of the league, however, these two teams showcase why the NCHC may be the most difficult conference to compete in throughout the country.

We've noted that the NCHC has the best non-conference record of any league in the NCAA, but it's not because of dominance from the top few teams. A struggling Colorado College team, averaging just 2 goals per game and has zero wins in the NCHC, is a moderate 3-3-0 outside of league play. Additionally, Western Michigan, with just one win within the NCHC, is a very respectable 4-2-0 against everyone else.

Every coach will tell you there's a long ways to go this season, so maybe there's still a chance for WMU and CC to smake some noise in the NCHC, but what they've already done outside the league speaks the most volume to the strength the NCHC has on all the other conferences.