NCHC in good position

Last season the NCHC did not do itself any favors with the NCAA selection committee. The league was fortunate that a dark horse, Denver, won the Frozen Faceoff last year to get 3 teams from the league into the big dance. In fact, had UND lost just one more game during the season, and had St. Cloud State run the postseson table, only ONE NCHC team would have made the tournament last season. In its first year, the NCHC was 54-46-16 (.525) against non-conference opponents. That simply didn't make the kind of statement the league wanted.

Fast forward to this year and it's a completely different story. The NCHC currently boasts a 25-14-2 (.634) record against non-conference opponents and that's tops across the country. There's a long way to go this season, and still more non-conference games to go, but right now the entire league is doing its part to project the best light possible for this year's committee. If the trend continues - the league won't have to sweat out how many will make the NCAA dance like it did last spring.