Time to say goodbye to adrian peterson

Questions continue to swirl as to when/if Adrian Peterson is going to return to the Minnesota Vikings. As of now, the NFL is taking its time to determine what to do with Peterson, but inevitablly they are going to put this back in the hands of those at Winter Park. Expect the league to reinstate Peterson in the coming days and fine him 6 weeks of his paychecks. When that green light takes place - the ball is back in Minnesota's court.

So, what do the Vikings do? I believe they should cut ties now in the best interest for the future of the team. Trading Peterson is not an option at this point of the season and the club desperately needs to renegotiate his contract before next season. Assuming Peterson is not willing to take a pay cut (and I firmly believe he won't), the Vikings are going to end up parting ways with him at the end of the season anyway.

Cutting Peterson now cleans up the PR hit the team has already taken and prevents it from getting any worse, and it alleviates cap space heading into next season. As good as AP has been on the field - running backs just aren't worth the kind of money he's making - especially when they're on the doorstep of turning 30.

The time is now to cut ties, start fresh, and move forward and let Peterson become another club's problem.