Plan B


"Don't know what you got 'til it's gone." - Cinderella (the hair band)     "Make the most of every opportunity." - The Bible


Well, our girl SDSU did not make the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament this year.  She got bounced in the semis of the Summit League tournament... by her biggest rival, no less... which made it hurt even more.

So after 5 trips on a row to the Big Dance she was left sitting outside on the bench with the dorks and the nerds... having to listen to the music while the new girl cut in and waltzed away with her guy.  The one that everybody thought was the coolest.  The hot one with the charter planes and the sendoff parties and the national TV contract.

They had been such a great couple!  Who could have seen this coming?  After 5 years together!  Jerk!

But maybe it wasn't all his fault.

The attraction had always been mutual, and she had never give him any reason to even think about looking at another.  But guys are pigs and he would only carry on a relationship with the winner of the annual pageant. No matter how many times she had earned the crown, one slip and he would turn his affections to a new companion.  And on a Monday in March, she slipped.  And when it was over she had lost his affection... and his automatic bid.

But was she not still a "great catch"?  Did she not still deserve attention and respect and another chance?  She didn't get the rose from him, but might there be another suitor?

There was.

He didn't have the money or the flash or the profile of the other guy.  But he was attractive, and he liked her just the way she was!  Some thought he was a NITwit.  Some thought that by accepting his proposal that she was just on the rebound and settling for someone... anyone... that would look her way.  But that's the funny thing about these relationships.  Sure, she was disappointed at first by being rudely tossed aside by that other chump... but then she started to really get along with this new guy.

Their first date was at her house.  It went well.

They hooked up again a few days later and both of them began to think... this could work!

By the time their third encounter (a gopher hunt) had ended there was a true sense of fun and accomplishment buzzing around her.   The disappointment of not getting into that other thing (it only lasted one date for that other girl anyway) had been replaced with the excitement of seeing where this new relationship would go.

Their fourth date was a blast!  Thousands of friends came over to watch her perform a lovely rendition of "Who-siers? Indy Going Down".  He looked on adoringly and promptly asked her out again.

This time, though, they are leaving the house.  He will meet her in Texas on Wednesday where he will introduce her to one of his other girls.

Turns out he has been seeing more than one.  Apparently there were 64 of them at one point.  He told her this week, though... "Now it's only you!  And a couple of others.  But I still really like you!"

She is going to hang in there for at least one more date.  It has been kind of fun, after all.

But... as fickle as he is, she would really like to start things up again next year with that other guy.







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