High School Basketball Power Rankings – (South Dakota Boys)

South Dakota Boys Class AA

1. SF Lincoln        2. Huron              3. SF Roosevelt  4. Rapid City Stevens       5. Brandon Valley

This class has nine teams that are good enough to beat anyone in the state, which should make class AA very entertaining this year. Lincoln comes in as the team with the least to dislike. They are big and experienced but will need to find some new guards to carry the load. Huron has the best player in the state in Justin Decker and have a nice compliment of height and experience around him. Coach Buddenhagen has one of the best frontcourts in the state which should help their overall game, "Hopefully our bigs will be commanding a double team, then when the ball gets kicked back out our shooters will have some good shots". After Huron and Lincoln each and every team has some holes to fill but all have the ability to be really good.

South Dakota Boys Class A

1. Madison-

2. St. Thomas More

3. Sioux Valley

4. Pine Ridge

5. Aberdeen Roncalli


South Dakota Boys Class B

1. Langford

2. James Valley Christian

3. Platte-Geddes

4. Wolsey-Wessington

5. Castlewood

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