Bold Predictions Fulfilled Or Not


The SDSU football team beat Indiana State 29-0.  My pre-game predictions are below.  Actual results did vary.


Prediction --- For just the second time this season, the Jacks will run and pass for more than 200 yards. (The only other game SDSU has gone for 200/200 was at Nebraska.)

Result --- Close.  Jacks ran for 175 and passed for 207.

Prediction --- Zach Zenner will run for 175 and then make way for Reggie Gandy.  Gandy will get at least 8 carries. (He's had 8 total in the last 4 games.)

Result --- Sorta close.  Zenner went for 137.  Isaac Rodriguez came in and carried 7 times for 57 yards and his first TD.  Rodriguez has moved ahead of Gandy as the #2 back for the time being.

Prediction --- Austin Sumner will become the first Jackrabbit to pass for more than 7,000 yards in a career.  (He only needs 99 to do it.)

Result --- Duh.  Sumner was 16/25 for 207 yards and a TD.  He is at 2,283 yards for the season with 14 TD and 6 INT.

Prediction --- Jason Schneider will catch 5.8 passes. (That's his conference-leading average thru 5 games.)

Result --- He caught 7 for 110 and a TD.  He is now at 6 catches per game... 36 in 6.

Prediction --- The Jacks will intercept two passes.  (They have 15 on the season and 6 in their 5 conference games.) (ISU quarterback Mike Perish has 10 INT in 7 games.)

Result --- They got one.  Jimmie Forsythe snagged one in the 4th quarter.  The Jacks did block a FG and a punt... but yes, I was wrong.

Prediction --- R.C. Kilgore will have at least 10 tackles.  (He's done it 6 times already this season.)

Result --- He had 6.  Noboby had more than 9.  Indiana State only ran 60 plays.  Jacks held them to 25% on 3rd down (4 of 16).

Prediction --- The Jacks will have a season-high 5 sacks. (Indiana State has allowed 24 in 5 games.)

Result --- 3 (Peugh, Peete and Tory Dibb)  Come on, Chase Douglas!

Prediction --- The Jacks will score their second-highest point total of the season.  Somewhere between the 55 in the opener against Butler and the 38 at Western Illinois. (The average score in the 5 previous meetings is SDSU 34.4 ISU 19.6)

Result --- They should have!  The Jacks were in the red zone 5 times and scored 1 TD, kicked 3 FG and went backwards on one drive.  Shoulda/coulda/woulda had 37 points and I still would have been wrong, but still.....

Up next... SDSU at USD.

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