High School Football Power Rankings - North Dakota

ND Class AAA

1. Bismarck (4-0)           2. Bismarck Century (5-0)             3. Fargo South (3-2)         4. Minot (5-0)          5. West Fargo (3-2)

Best Matchup of the week

Dickinson at Minot

DIXMinot has played four straight road games, Magi have been excellent at run-stopping, Ben Bolinske has been good at avoiding the rush but need better protection up front. This game will be homecoming for Magi. They have quietly won every game on their schedule as Brady Lampert has dominated in the run game. Dickinson beat Mandan 42-7 last week after losing to the #1 and #2 teams the weeks prior. Charles Splichal is back starting at QB after sitting out the opening 3 games because of concussion. Michael Cherwinski and Dylan Skabo have been weapons for Dickinson and should shine this game.

ND Class AA

1. Bismarck St. Mary (5-0)        2. Minot Bishop Ryan (5-0)       3. Fargo Shanley (4-1)         4. Wahpeton (5-0)               5. Lisbon (3-2) +1

Best Matchup of the week: Wahpeton at Fargo Shanley

ND Class A

1. Hazen (5-0)          2. Larimore (5-0)           3. Killdeer (5-0)         4. Park River –F-L (4-1)       5. Carrington (5-0)

 Best Matchup:

Milnor-North Sargent at Carrington


ND Class 9-Man

1. Cavalier  (4-0)         2. TGU  (6-0)        3. Grant County-Flasher (5-0)       4. St. John (5-1) +1        5. Shiloh Christian (5-0) +1


 Best Matchup:

Cavalier at Hatton-Northwood

Cavalier has outscored oppoennets 280-0 this year, but H-N has four wins in a row too, they have the second best Defense in the region. But junior rb Brock Robbins and QB Ryan chrest are awesome for Cavalier and they should cruise again this week.


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