Summit League Basketball Championships LIVE on MidcoSN

March 6, 2013 - Sioux Falls, SD: Midco Sports Network will air 12 of the 14 Summit League tournament basketball games live from the Sioux Falls Arena, March 9 - 11, 2013. The action begins Saturday, March 9 at 11:45 AM (CT) with the MidcoSN pre-game Studio Show. Basketball action begins shortly thereafter at 12 noon (CT) with Women’s #1 South Dakota State taking on #8 Oakland.

“We are incredibly proud to be producing and airing these important games on MidcoSN,” says Mark Powell, Vice-President of Business Solutions for Midcontinent Communications. “The Sioux Falls community has worked as a team to be a great host for the Summit League; Midcontinent and MidcoSN are happy to play our part and bring these games into the homes of college basketball fans throughout the region.”

MidcoSN will air pre and post-game programming for analysis and discussion of all the live action. For more information, including a complete schedule on the Summit League Tournament, visit:

Saturday, March 9


Noon; Quarterfinal #1: (1) South Dakota State vs. (8) Oakland

2:30pm; Quarterfinal #2: (2) IUPUI vs. (7) Kansas City


6pm; Quarterfinal #1: (1) South Dakota State vs. (8) IUPUI

8:30pm; Quarterfinal #2: (2) Western Illinois vs. (7) South Dakota

Sunday, March 10 


Noon; Quarterfinal #3: (4) Fort Wayne vs. (5) Western Illinois

2:30pm; Quarterfinal #4: (3) South Dakota vs. (6) North Dakota State


6pm; Quarterfinal #3: (4) Oakland vs. (5) Fort Wayne

8:30pm; Quarterfinal #4: (3) North Dakota State vs. (6) Kansas City

Monday, March 11 


Noon; Semifinal #1: 1/8 winner vs. 4/5 winner

2:30pm; Semifinal #2: 2/7 winner vs. 3/6 winner


6pm; Semifinal #1: 1/8 Winner vs. 4/5 Winner

8:30pm; Semifinal #2: 2/7 Winner vs. 3/6 Winner