Coyote Corner: Sayler Resigns

The University of South Dakota is searching for a new athletic director for the second time in three years. That after David Sayler submitted his sudden resignation Thursday to accept the same position at Miami University of Ohio.

The news comes as quite a surprise, not because of where he's headed - Sayler has a degree from Ohio Wesleyan and previously worked at Bowling Green State University, which is located in his wife's hometown - but rather the timing of his departure.

Not only is he leaving in the middle of the academic year, but he's walking away from unfinished business. Fundraising for the facilities project that he spearheaded is not complete. That leaves David Herbster, who's been named Interim AD for the second time, to pick up the torch.

Sayler indicated during his introductory press conference that this move was about family. If that's the case, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, you can't fault him for going. Miami wasn't going to wait until it was convenient for USD.

It's also pretty clear that, regardless of the timing, he's leaving the USD athletics program in better shape than it was when he first arrived. Not only did he get the ball rolling on that facilities project, but he also secured the program's membership in both the Missouri Valley Football Conference and the Summit League. That's a huge piece of the puzzle for any new Division One program.

All things considered, Coyotes fans should be disappointed to see Sayler go. But don't hold it against him. It's the nature of the business, especially at places like USD.




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