South Dakota Championship Previews

Class 9B

Colome vs. Harding County | Thursday 7:30pm


Coach Kevin Keiser
The line averages 276 pounds  and have played great this year.
QB) Terrance Kinzer499 yds pass 8TD,  1420yds rushing 27 TDs
RB) Andrew Odden RB , 1281 14 TDs

Harding County: 

Coach Jay Wammen

Harding County has team balance on both sides of the football
Wammen, "To be successful we will need to be able to maintain balance on offense and slow down their running game defensively. "
QB Jess Feist  1745 yds Passing 20 TDs, 1133 yds passing 20TD
RB Steven Koch 736 yds 14 TDs
REC Ckyler Floyd 48 rec 824 yds 8TD,
REC Harley Mollman 23 rec 492 yds 9TD
DEF  Tate Gress is a fumble causer, 7 forced fumbles
Team 36 sacks


The Pick: Harding County wins 42-32


Class 9A

Canistota vs. Warner | Thursday 11:00 am


Coach Lenny Schroeder

"I like our match ups their because our guards have done a great job of getting down field and blocking all season long.  Decker and Van Winkle have started for the past three seasons and have blocked for over 10,000 yards rushing."

Cody  Bunger 966 yds 16TD passing, 612 yds 17TDs
Alex Robertson 1015 yds 14TD
Eric Tieszen 753 yds 11TDS
Jason Vanwinkle 14.0 sacks



Coach Tom Kulea

"The game will be a game of least mistakes"

Key Players:

Clay Rozell

Mitchell Boesl

Derrek Tuszka

Jarrod Tuszka


The Pick: Canistota 55-22


Class 9AA

Howard vs. Deubrook | 2:30 pm

Coach Pat Ruml
" Cole Potter, one of leading rushers and leading Lbs has been out the last few games.  He will be a game time decision."
"Our biggest strength is depth and continuity.  These guys have been starting and playing together for quite a few years.  We have some speed but we make up for any deficiencies by physicality.
Deubrook is an extremely fast and elusive team.  Their RBs can score quickly if you don’t tackle them on or near the line of scrimmage.  They also run multiple formations and throw the ball quite a bit as well.  They will be a handful for our defense to contain."
Evan Donahue 822 yds 11TDS
Luke Loudenburg 1451 yds 16 TDs
Cole Potter 933 yds 14 TDS
Landon Laible 51 yds 8TDS | 637 yds passing 50 completions all year 


Coach Adolph Shepardson

"We play hard on every play, we wear teams out as the game goes on.  We do this through great tempo and being aggressive in all phases of the game.  We like to attack.
We must win the line of scrimmage throughout the game on both sides of the ball."

Taylor Olsen 987 yds 12 TDs
Ryan Knutson 2175 yds 38 TDs


The Pick: Howard 38-36


Class 11B

Winner vs. Tri-Valley | Friday 2:30 pm


Coach: Dan Aaker
"We will have to play very well on the line of scrimmage, they have the size advantage.  We will have to limit their big plays, in particular Koopman running and Page on option and play action pass.  Offensively we will need to take care of the football.  Overall we will need to play our best game of the year and play every play for the entire 48 minutes."

Tanner Fritz 29/45 650 yds 11TD 1 int
Kyle Bertram 959 ysd 10 TDs
Trace Meyer 670 yds 10 TDs
Ben Connot 950 yyds 14 Tds


Coach: Steve Bazata
"We are a battle-tested team. We took some lumps in the middle of the season, playing teams like Flandreau, Dell Rapids, Tea Area, and Dakota Valley. We learned from those tough games and have improved greatly throughout the season. "
Brett Page 507 yds 11TDS
Logan Koopman 1119 ys 13TDs

The Pick: Winner wins 28-27


Class 11A

Dell Rapids vs. Harrisburg | Friday 7:30 pm

DellR apids

Coach: Steve Hanson
"We want to execute well and keep the pressure on them.  We have to keep turnovers and penalties to a minimum.  Defensively we need to focus on our responsibilities and when they make plays we need to rally to the ball."

Key Players

Cole Langer

Matt Kolbeck

Riley Schmidt

Lane LeBrun


Coach Brandon White

"We need to have great week of preparation, we need to stay focused, be very disciplined, and most of all play our rears off every play. Our coaches and players need to leave it all on the field and if it happens to be enough we will be very excited group of men. "

Andrew McCuen 700+yds rushing | 1000+ passing
Trevor Deshepper 522 yds 7TDS


The Pick: Dell Rapids 40-14


Class 11AA

Brandon Valley vs. Washington | Saturday 7:30 pm


Coach Brian Hermanson
Last week held O’G to 64 yards on 43 carries, avg ypc is about 1.6
Pierre is the only team to put up multiple scores in the first half against Washington (13 in 2nd Qtr)
Have not allowed a first quarter point
Nate Gerry averages 7 yards per carry and has been used more at the goal line recently

Key Players

QB Jon Hander

WR/RB Nate  Gerry

RB Sam Cooke

WR Chris Parker

Brandon Valley

Coach Chad Garrow
They will be the only team this year that’s played Washington that will try to beat them with the pass.
They have been stingy in the second half on defense.
Key Players

QB Chase Marson

WR Matthew Vandeberg

RB Tony Tripp

WR AJ Garrow

TE Nate Winter
The Pick: Washington 35-17


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