The Perfect Storm

That's what it will take for Sioux Falls Storm to lose its first game of the season this Saturday... a perfect storm of circumstances.

Sioux Falls coming off their bye week with the blahs.  Tri-Cities playing their best game of the season.  Storm quarterback Chris Dixon literally not showing up.

Won't happen.

Dixon and his 77% completions and 41 touchdown passes will be there.

The Storm has not played since April 28, but Kurtiss Riggs will have them ready.

Tri-Cities is undefeated (9-0), but they have beaten Everett (2-7) four times and New Mexico (2-6) twice.

The Fever is good, no doubt.  Houston Lilliard is a good quarterback with 41 TD tosses.  They have a new receiver named Sean Creadick who played at UC-Davis and had some big games in college against UND and USD.

But we have seen this episode before.  The one where a good team with a good record comes in and the Storm slowly but surely takes them apart.

It took a while in last year's IFL Championship.  Sioux Falls led Tri-Cities 10-3 at the end of the first quarter and just 17-10 at the half.  But Dixon threw for two second-half TDs.  Brian McIntire took an interception back for a score.  The Storm D shut 'em out in the final 30 minutes and Sioux Falls won 37-10.  The Storm had 5 sacks and held the Fever to 4 yards rushing.

Still... this could and should be a good game.

Our MidcoSN football color analyst, Andre Fields, likes to quote Mike Tyson and use boxing analogies.  Here is what 'Dre has to say about the Storm going into this one.

1. Don’t give ‘em a fighting chance

(start fast) overcome any lag from bye week, don’t wait til 2nd half against this team

they only scored 10pts in last meeting, jump on ‘em early and take their will

2. You don’t need a knockout to win

(Don’t Panic) Tri Cities will score – they’ll make plays on defense – don’t let it get to you (especially the young Storm defense), don’t press just keep playing

Game time is 7:00 PM on Saturday night, LIVE on Midco Sports Network.  Interview with Storm Return Specialist/WR/RB Korey Williams at the half.


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