The Bracket Battle

Here we are. The eve of the least productive day for the American workforce, aka the observed start to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Like many of you, my bracket has consumed my life for the better part of three days. I've read/watched just about everyexpert on the planet tell me what they think will happen, and am now combining their opinions with my own in hopes of picking the perfect bracket.

Sadly, I know this is an unwinnable battle. I will, inevitably, watch at least one my Final Four or Elite Eight picks fall far too early, while others I had pegged for a first or second round exit advance in their place.

It's one of the most indecisive, maybe even nerve-racking, times of year. Think about that. I know I do. Of all the obstacles life has to offer, it's that piece of paper, with those 64 (check that, 68) teams that causes one of the more intense internal struggles of the year. Dumb. Yet awesome.

The fact is, we subject ourselves to this bracket battle every year because it makes the best event in sports that much more exciting. Seriously, if you don't find something exhilarting about correctly picking a 14-3 upset--even if it was a guess--there's something wrong with you.

So, is it worth it?

That, of course, depends on where you end up in your bracket pool. If you're at the top, it most certainly was (especially if there happens to be some sort of financial gain). If you're anywhere else, the answer might be a bit more subjective. Will you spend the next few months second-guessing every pick you made? Probably. Did you still enjoy the tournament? Yes. Will you do it again next year? Absolutely.

P.S. I'm going with Kentucky, Missouri, Florida St. and Kansas as my Final Four.


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