Power Rankings 2/15/12 (South Dakota Girls Basketball)

It's tough to decide whether Sioux Falls Washington is as good as advertised or not? On the plus side they've lost just one game on South Dakota turf, that was to #1 Mitchell on the road and they were leading in the fourth quarter before forgetting how to shoot in the last 10 minutes of the game. On the other hand, what is their signature win? A Mikayla Hora-less Yankton win in overtime? A ten-point home win against Brandon Valley on Tuesday where the Warriors managed just 42 points? I'm still not sure where I land on the Warriors. One thing is sure, they've been a consistent team and they're winning. That's more than some of the other teams in Class AA can say right now.

SD Girls  AA

  1. Mitchell 17-1 , face Watertown and Aberdeen this week
  2. Washington 16-2, only loss in SD to Mitchell 1/10, won last 9 by double digits
  3. Yankton 12-5, won 5 in a row
  4. Aberdeen 12-5, lost 3 of last 4
  5. Brandon Valley 12-6, Lost 3 of last 6 to Mitchell, Washington, Yankton


Don't look now but Parkston has put nine wins in a row together. The emergence of Erica Herrold has really helped Parkston's offensive consistency. Watch out for the Trojans if they can get out of their district (Parkston and Wagner are both in District 11).

SD Girls A

  1. Wagner 19-0, Last game vs. Platte Geddes
  2. St. Thomas More 17-2, Only SD loss was to Wagner
  3. Parkston 16-3, 9 wins in a row since back to back losses against Elk-LB and Wagner
  4. Elkton-Lake Benton 17-3, Haven’t lost to a Class A team this year
  5. Tri-Valley 17-3, won final 8 games of reg season


SD Girls B

  1. Summit 17-2, 12 wins in a row
  2. Centerville 17-3, Haven’t lost a game to a class B team, won 9 in a row
  3. Estelline, 16-2, Only losses to Summit and Elkton-Lake Benton
  4. Sully Buttes, 17-2, 14 wins in a row including win over Herreid/Selby
  5. Warner 17-2, play Eureka/Bowdle Friday
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