Power Rankings 2/15/12 (North Dakota Girls Basketball)

Bismarck Century stays at number one, but they have played in two of their closest games of the year over the past two weeks. Yet the Patriots are still unbeaten on North Dakota soil. They have a big challenge against Minot and a win would secure them as the favorite heading into post-season. West Fargo continues winning and could be the deepest most balanced team in the state. Fargo Shanley's Rachel Weir has put a claim in as the best player in the state. Weir has come up with some of her best games in the last month and has proven that she can carry Shanley. Mandan and Red River both looked poised to make a move to the state's elite but both suffered setbacks with untimely losses. Red River has lost two of their last three and Mandan is coming off a loss to Bismarck last Tuesday.

Class A

  1. Century 16-1
  2. West Fargo, 16-1
  3. Shanley, 13-3
  4. Red River, 13-4
  5. Mandan 13-4

Class B

  1. Carrington 16-1
  2. Kindred 17-0
  3. Grafton 16-1
  4. Central Cass 16-2
  5. New Town 16-0
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