Power Rankings 2/15/12 (North Dakota Boys Basketball)

Grand Forks Red River just keeps on winning. The team makeup is so balanced and the roles are so well-defined. Coach Jason Gregory has done a great job of keeping this team so even-keel as they've breezed through the EDC opponents. John Hoplin, Mac Kroeplin and Mack Arvidson get a lot of the headlines, but the total team effort has resulted in no hiccups and 17 wins in a row.

ND Boys A

  1. Red River 17-0
  2. Bismarck 14-2
  3. Fargo Shanley 12-4 averaged 89 ppg over last four games
  4. Mandan 12-4 Unbeaten at home, play Bis at home
  5. St. Mary’s 5 wins in a row
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