Power Rankings 2/1/12 (North Dakota Girls)

I flipped my top two teams in the state putting Century at number one. My reason for doing that is simple, Century has been the most impressive team and if they played against West Fargo tomorrow I would pick Century. I don't take anything away from West Fargo in fact I believe their team is very similar to Century and they have been powerful in their own right. But Century has been dominant. The only team that Century hasn't beaten by double digits in the class was at Mandan in a five point win on Tuesday. Other than that Century has won 11 games in a row by at least ten points against North Dakota competition. Century seniors Hannah Jeske, Alexis Jacobs, Kelsey Glatt and Kelsey Schatz have taken over and taken care of the ball in a way no one can compete. Junior Hannah Larson has given Century a force in the post and gives the Patriots an ability to matchup with anyone.


Class A LW W L
1 2 Century 13 1
2 1 West Fargo 12 1
3 5 GF Red River 10 2
4 3 Fargo Shanley 10 3
5 4 Mandan 11 3


In Class B the big news was Kindred's win over #1 Central Cass. Kindred held the Squirrels to 31 points and stayed unbeaten. The eastern part of the state continues to impress as they get the top four spots in my rankings. Carrington is now healthy and seems to be in control on their path to repeat as champions of the class.

Class  B LW
1 2 Carrington 12 1
2 5 Kindred 14 0
3 1 Central Cass 12 1
4 3 Grafton 12 1
5 NR New Town 15 0
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