North Dakota Boys Basketball

North Dakota Boys Basketball

In this week’s blog I’ll mention my impact player for each class. This is the player I expect to shoulder the load for their team and take over games to lead their team to victories in the post-season.

Two of the hottest teams in Class A lost last week. Red River dropped their first game of the year when Wahpeton’s Jeremy Bontjes buried a jumper to win by one point. Mandan was the other hot team that had their home winning streak snapped by Bismarck last Thursday.

There are so many players that could have a huge impact on the post-season including A.J.Jacobson (Shanley), Mack Arvidson (Red River), Dexter Werner (Bismarck) or Jeremy Bontjes (Wahpteon). But I chose Devin Coyle of Mandan as that one player who could get hot and carry his team. Coyle leads all WDA players in three pointers. He started out the season a little flat but has come on strong. He now averages 19 points per game which is second in the conference and he's just going to keep getting better. Coyle is the best guard in the state and will prove it over the coming month.

ND BOYS A Power Rankings

1. GF Red River

2. Bismarck

3. Shanley

4. Mandan

5. Wahpeton, Beat Red River on Tuesday

In Class B I have no question that Jacob Hagler is the best player but I look to Dan Yale as the biggest impact player. When Yale of Berthold is hitting he can score in bunches and presents matchup problems for defenders.



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