Power Rankings 1/4/12 (South Dakota Girls)

In the largest class in South Dakota you could take the top six or seven teams and shake them up in a blender and spew out rankings that someone could justify as being right on the target. Basically there's no perfect ranking for these teams that have beaten up on each other so far. Washington is the only team that has yet to lose to a South Dakota team. The Warriors look tough to beat as their bench goes 9-10 deep.  Brandon Valley quietly has eased back to the number two spot while Mitchell gets Macey Miller back but dipped to third in the power rankings after dropping a second half lead against Lincoln. Roosevelt and Aberdeen have both been playing spotless ball as well and Yankton and Lincoln hover just beyond the top five waiting for their chance to rise.

SD Girls  AA

1. Washington (6-1)

2.  Brandon Valley (4-1)

3. Mitchell (5-1)

4. SF Roosevelt (6-1)

5. Aberdeen Central (6-1)


SD Girls A

1. St. Thomas More (6-0)

St. Thomas More Girls Basketball Interviews

2. Wagner (6-0)

3. Sisseton (7-0)

4. Parkston (5-1)

5. Beresford (4-1)


SD Girls B

1. Estelline (5-0)

2. Herreid-Selby (7-0)

3. Warner (5-1)

4. Summit (6-2)

5. Sanborn Central/Woonsocket (5-0)


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