Power Rankings 1/4/12 (North Dakota Girls)

In North Dakota Class A West Fargo is the only unbeaten left. I regret my decision to not have the Packers in the top five for my pre-season rankings. Lexi Lennon and the rest of the girls have shown the most consistency so far. Look out for Fargo Shanley, Rachel Weir is coming off of a career high 26 points and followed it up with a 17 point performance the next game. Our player of the week Kira Larson for Fargo North is a game changer on the blocks for the Spartans. She

ND Girls A

1. West Fargo

2. Century

3. Shanley

4. Minot

5. Mandan


ND Girls B

1. Carrington

2. Central Cass,

3. Grafton

4. Grant County

5. Linton

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