Power Rankings 1/25/12 (South Dakota Girls)

I've got no hard empirical evidence to back it up, but I have a hunch that there is no top team in the state right now. There is actually four teams that are all very good and can be the best on any given night. The top four teams in my power rankings have each at times looked like the best team in the state and have also looked beatable. Mitchell showed that they can beat a good team with a win over Yankton earlier this week. Washington has more smart, solid players than anyone in the state. Aberdeen has great balance between the frontcourt and backcourt and can match up well with almost any team. Brandon Valley has the best player in the state and let Heidi Hoff carry the team on certain nights.

Class AA

  1.  Mitchell 12-1
  2.  Washington 10-2
  3.  Aberdeen Central 10-2
  4.  Brandon Valley 8-3
  5. Watertown 7-5

Class A

  1. Wagner 14-0
  2. St. Thomas More 13-1
  3. Sisseton 11-1
  4. Vermillion 10-1
  5. Spearfish 9-1

Herreid/Selby is the final unbeaten team in class B. Abby Fieldham and McKenzie Frank have been stable contributors as their team effort has given them 12 straight wins.

Class B

  1. Herreid/Selby
  2. Estelline
  3. Warner
  4. Summit
  5. Centerville
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