Power Rankings 1/25/12 (North Dakota Boys)

Red River basketball is strong this year. They overtook the number one spot in the rankings after Century beat Bismarck last Thursday. Red River poses a threat down on the post with John Hoplin improving and when Mack Arvidson starts hitting it could be hours before he cools down. Red River heads to Fargo twice this week for games against South and Shanley. They are putting the rest of the conference on notice with their consistency and versatility.

Class AA

  1. Red River 11-0
  2. Bismarck 9-2
  3. Fargo Shanley 8-3
  4. Mandan 8-4
  5. Century 7-4


Class A

  1. North Star 13-0
  2. Berthold 14-0
  3. LaMoure 15-0
  4. Grafton 12-1
  5. Central Cass 14-0
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