Hello, Bisonville!


Really looking forward to seeing North Dakota State’s football team this Saturday at the Fargodome… and I anticipate that the Bison will bring the hammer (or hooves) down on Missouri State.

You never know for sure… Mizz State beat NDSU 3-0 last year in Springfield and beat NSDU two years ago in Fargo. But if the Bears hold NDSU to 120 total yards again this year and win the game it will be the biggest shocker the Missouri Valley will see this season. (It would also be great for TV!  The game is on MidcoSN.)

Gotta believe, though, that NDSU will stay unbeaten and roll into Brookings next Saturday with a big, blaze orange target on their jerseys. Hopefully, the South Dakota pheasant freaks will put down their shotguns long enough to get Coughlin Alumni filled to the gills for the Bison-Jacks showdown.

I’m not holding out a lot of hope that the Rabbits will pull off a huge upset this week at home against Northern Iowa, but wouldn’t that be sweet! Regardless, SDSU has pumped a little life back into the fan base with the win at Youngstown and a new (?), dare I say exciting offense that now chucks it down the field on occasion.  So even if UNI wins this week it shouldn't put too much of a damper on next week. (And Northern Iowa plays at NDSU on the 29th.  That might be good!)

Back back to the original point… I am jazzed to see NDSU at home. I haven’t done a game in the Fargodome since the Fargo-Moorhead Beez of the International Basketball Association played there in 1995. Not a good building for hoops when there are 300 people there.  I see they expect about 17,000 on Saturday, however.  Can't wait to hear what that many rowdy North Dakotans sound like.

To quote Hank Williams, Jr….......     Never mind. See you there.


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