Coach Q&A: Myron Schulz, UMary

The University of Mary football team got a off to a rough start in 2010, winning just once in its first seven games. But the Marauders found their stride late, reeling off three straight wins to close the season. Needless to say, Myron Schulz is hoping to see his team pick up where it left off.

Q. What were the factors that went into the three straight wins at the end of last season?

A. I think the major factor was that we grew up as a team. Craig Bagnell was a freshman quarterback and he had the whole year and emerged at the end of the year. Our offensive line was basically all new from the year before, so they got used to working together. Plus, our defensive secondary, most of them were new from the year before, so they got on the same page. The other part, was just a great attitude. The guys, going through a tough spell, just kept working hard and developed as football players. And when they had some success, they enjoyed it and they finished out the year.

Q. What kind of experience do you have coming back?

A. We’ve got three corners that started for us coming back. We’ve got four guys in the safety position that started at times and have been in our program for a long time. We’ve got five senior inside linebackers. We’ve got great experience at outside linebacker. We’re going to have some new faces on the D-line, but guys that have been in the program. We have 5-6 guys on our offensive line that have started for us before. Our quarterback is returning. We’ve got experience at running back. Jamal Lomax is gone, but we still have guys that have been in our program and we’ve got some old dogs at receiver. Even our kicker is a returner. So we feel like we’ve got guys that are very familiar with our program and who have invested the time in the offseason.

Q. Is there such a thing as carrying momentum from one season to the next?

A. The thing about that thing about having that win streak at the end, our kids didn’t want the season to end. It was just becoming fun for them. So they were back in the weight room early. They were excited about the whole offseason, and that’s a big carryover. If you leave the season on a downer and they don’t even know if they want to stay, don’t know if they want to work hard, don’t believe in things, you’re not going to catapult off of that. But I believe in mojo, and if you get all those guys believing and working hard, great things can happen.

Q. Talk about your home schedule this year. What are your thoughts on having Augustana, Duluth, Winona and Saint Cloud all coming to Bismarck?

A. It’s somewhat daunting because you’re going to see some of the best teams in the nation. But if I’m a local fan, that’s awesome. We’re going to see last year’s national champion. We’re going to see three teams that were in the national playoffs. We’re seeing perennial national playoff teams, even with Chadron State coming to town. So we’re going to see the highest level of Division II football. As a coach, I’m thinking that I’d like to have some easy cakewalks in there, but there aren’t any. The reality is when we’re going to catch those guys, we’ve got a better chance at home because we’ve got our home crowd, we’ve got our home cooking, sleep in your own bed. It’s nice to have them at home because it gives you your best opportunity to be successful.

Catch the Marauders on Midco Sports Network

You'll be able to catch two of those big UMary home games live on Midco Sports Network. Augustana, which thumped the Marauders 52-21 in Sioux Falls last season, makes the trip to Bismarck, N.D. on Sept. 17.  Reigning Division II national champion Minnesota-Duluth invades the Community Bowl on Oct. 15.

  • Sept. 17: Augustana vs. UMary, 2:30 p.m.
  • Oct. 15: Minnesota-Duluth vs. UMary, 2:30 p.m.

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