9-man Passers

Taylor Zemlicka, WSS as a junior threw for 1376 yds 20 Tds/ 918 yards in the last three weeks with 9 TDs

Alex Eschenba , Faulkton 162 ypg with 67% completion

Tyler Taschner, Hamliln thrown for 632 yards so far

Phil Bunkowske, GPL 72% 149 ypg 12 TDs

Trever Petersen, Deubrook

Jess Feist, Harding County, 616 yards and 5 TD

Cody Bunger, Canistota 7 TD

Carver Ching, Castlewood had a 6 TD passing game earlier this year

NORTH DAKOTA Last year Washburn’s Jeff Rasmussen had 141 completions and 2,000 plus yards, it looks like McCahen could blow past that number if he keeps up his pace.

McCahen Schweitzer, Mott-Regent 94-137 1312 yards 17TD

Adam Bell for Wyndmere-Lidgerwood had a 9TDs in his first two games to start the year.

Jonah Schwarzenberger, Napoleon Gackle Streeter, Threw 10TDs in his first three games and added another 7TD in his last two games.

Jacob Hagler, North Star 811 yards 14 TDs

Darren Young, Benson Co. 807 yards 13 TDs

Matthew Workin, Richland 598 yards 7TDs

Matt Landenberger, Central McClean 6TDs

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