Meet MidcoSN...She's Growing Up Fast

Hello everyone. I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Midco Sports Network.

MidcoSN, as she has come to be known, is still getting used to things in Dakota Territory.  She was “launched” in September of last year.  She came out kicking and screaming and trying to make some noise.  Still not sure anybody knows what she is, but our crew is working to change that.  We have these “marketing” people who are really good at making noise.

MidcoSN has no particular allegiance. You will see her traveling throughout North and South Dakota, even parts of Minnesota. Sometimes, you’ll see her in two places on the same day.  She’ll take a bunch of cameras and microphones and “talent” and show people football games and basketball games and stuff like that.  It’ll be pretty cool.  This September will mark the start of her 6-month road trip.  She’ll be in Minot, Spearfish, Aberdeen and Fargo…to name a few.

She doesn’t have any brothers or sisters.  It’s just her and her mom.  Mother SN also goes by the name of Midcontinent Communications.  Like any good mother, she is extremely supportive. That’s what makes it all possible.

When MidcoSN grows up, she’d like to be “the region’s best, most-watched, revered, loved and respected television sports network”.  That’s the goal, at least.

Anyway, I think you two will really hit it off.  Look her up when you get a chance.  She’s on channel 622.

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