Stepping Up Our Game with the MidcoSN App

MidcoSN launched a new app for tracking varsity sports scores in August, free, on Android and Apple devices. The app allows fans to easily track your team’s varsity scores and stats, even if they aren’t at the game.

Now that football season is over, we’re continuing our MidcoSN® tradition to provide unrivaled local high school sports coverage by adding varsity boys and girls basketball scores to the app, as well. 

Enter Basketball Scores

Not only are we updating the app so that your fans can track boys and girls varsity basketball scores and stats, but we’re also adding another way for schools to update scores on the app. You can log in online at to update scores in real time, even if your school doesn’t use DakStats. 

  1. Log in using your username and password.
    • Schools should have received an email from MidcoSN with that information the in early December 2016. If you can’t remember your username or password, please contact us.
  2. Select the sport you want to update.
  3. Find the game you want to update.
    • Scores can be added up to one week after a game.
  4. Click or tap Edit to update the scores.
  5. Enter scores either by quarter or by half.
    • You can switch between quarters or halves using the dropdown under the scores.
  6. Select Save. The app will reflect the changes as soon as users refresh their device screen.

Enter Detailed Basketball Stats

If you want to provide more in-depth stats to your fans via our app, you can use Daktronics’ DakStats® software. With the free version, Daktronics provides you with free online support documentation. (You don't need Daktronics scoreboards to use the software.) You can also purchase an upgrade, giving you greater customer support.

First Steps

  1. If you aren't already using DakStats, download the software for free.
  2. Follow the steps to set up your team in the DakStats system. Watch the tutorials below to help you get started.
    • The software is available only for Windows operating systems.

Create and Verify Your Web-Sync Profile

Follow the steps below to create a profile. If you already have a profile, verify that the Profile Type is Full Web-Sync. If it is not, create a new profile using these steps.

  1. Ensure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Go to Web-Sync > Setup, and click Add Profile.
  3. Select a league. If your league doesn't appear, click Update Leagues
  4. From the Select Season drop down, choose your current season. 
  5. Select the home team from the Teams list. 
  6. Fill in the email field (required). 
  7. Select Full Web-Sync as the profile type. This profile typ gives the user full control of a team's web-sync page, including the ability to add, edit and delete rosters, games and statistics.
  8. Click Save to save the profile, and then click Done when finished. 

Web-Sync Your Statistical Data

On game day, update your game stats and scores using an internet-connected PC. (If you don't have internet at your gym or field, you can connect via a mobile hotspot.) You can choose how much information you want to put into DakStats – from just game scores to full player stats. Check out the tutorial below for help. 

Follow these instructions to ensure that the schedules, rosters and stats are synchronized with Daktronics’ Central Server. If a merge issue occur, the user needs to resolve the issue by going to Web-Sync Setup > Advanced Features.

  1. Go to the Web-Sync menu, and click Setup.
  2. From the Select Web-Sync dropdown, choose your web-sync. 
  3. Enter your password. 
  4. Set Advanced Features (such as Merge, Opp Rosters, etc.).
    • This feature is optional unless there are merge issues when selecting Synchronize.
  5. Set webcast links by clicking on the Webcast Links button. 
  6. Select the opponent. Set the webcast to Yes by single-clicking on the No for that particular game, and then clicking the down arrow to select the Yes option. This must be done for all games you'll be web-syncing data (games you will score while connected to the internet).
  7. Select Done in that window, and Done in the next window. 
  8. Select Synchronize, and then Done.
  9. In the top-level navigation, select Webcast.
  10. Click Configure, and then Web-Sync.
  11. Ensure the Enable Web-Sync box is checked. 
  12. Select Apply, and then OK

Web-Sync Game Stats

For each game in your schedule that you will be Web-Syncing (games you will score while connected to the internet), verify that the Webcast box is checked.

  1. Click the Configure button below the Schedule box. 
  2. In the same ID box, select your game. 
  3. On the right side of the window, just above the Forfeit dropdown, check the box next to Webcast
  4. Click Save Game in the lower left of the window. 
  5. Once your game is open, go to the top-level navigation and select Webcast
  6. Make sure Start has a check by it. If it doesn't, select Start. Your game should now be webcasting. 

Victory! You and your fans will now see the scores and stats on the MidcoSN app!

In the know

Don't forget to share the app with your friends and family, and contact us to let us know you'll be using the app or if you have any questions. 

In addition to downloading our new app, the blog provides behind-the-scenes information and insights about the region's sports teams.

You can also get game updates, video highlights and more from MidcoSN via Twitter and Facebook. We'll also give schools a shout out on social media for using our new app!

Our Varsity Sports team and all of MidcoSN wish you a successful season.